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About SMB Solutions Cloud Services

For a number of years I have been running a cloud based hosting operation – it started back in 2009 when I was at SAP and I identified that there was a problem that needed solving.

Partners wanted to access the latest software like SAP HANA, they wanted to learn and demonstrate the latest releases of SAP Business One and students wanted to get access to training environments. The trouble was that the willingness to invest wasn’t there from vendors or partners.

So I invested 10’s of thousands of my own dollars over 3- 5 year period from my SAP bonus payments in to buying and deploying servers to allow people to access these environments at no cost – after all, my job was to help partners and customers be successful…

Fast forward to 2017 and cloud has now become mainstream and customers are now electing for a cloud first deployment and I thought, why not leverage my experience and infrastructure that I had been maintaining and enhancing since 2009 and offer the solution commercially.

Fulfilling a need…and then some

Suffice it to say, we tapped a need and since November more than 30 customers in Australia and New Zealand have put their hands up and deployed on our cloud infrastructure.

And we have grown it significantly and taken everything I have learned since 1998 when hosting companies were called Application Service Providers and I was part of this as a representative of Great Plains Software in the ASP Consortium to build what I believe (based on my research) is the premier cloud deployment architecture for SAP Business One anywhere in the world.

About SMB Solutions Cloud Services
Richard DuffyFounder & CEO
You can contact me here by using the form here or you can email me – my personal email address is richard@smbsolutions.com.au.

Of course you can also reach me on +61 407 460 061 – I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to grow your business – profitably.

Make it World Class – from Day One

Self service tools that enable users to manage their experience, world class security and networking infrastructure from Symantec, Ubiquiti Networks and Brocade, server and storage hardware exclusively from Dell (and all SAP certified) and a complete suite of options including cPanel based web hosting, remote desktop access, Microsoft Office365, SAP HANA, Power BI and Lumira and the ability to run it all on any device including fully deployed on the web browser of your choice.

All located in the same data centres where Amazon and some of Australia’s largest companies have located their infrastructure and supported by a team of people with experience in deploying and supporting SAP Business One since 2004…24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We have been able to deliver all this in the space of 5 months and meet the requirements of our customers because we ARE a cloud based business and we have always invested ahead of the curve and we don’t plan to stop. In the last 2 months alone we have invested over $30,000 in additional support systems and infrastructure to ensure that the customer experience on our platform is the best in the world – from day one.

Focus, Focus, Focus – and Specialisation

One final point to note about all this – our plan has enabled us to focus – we are only offering our platform in Australia and New Zealand – despite the growth in global interconnection capabilities of the Internet we have already seen companies make the mistake of trying to offer a global service from a central location.

If you are going to offer high performance, low latency operations, you need to be located where your customers are – so that’s the basis of our model. If we decide to expand in to other regions, you can be sure we will deploy our own infrastructure in regional hubs such as Singapore, San Francisco and New York and utilise public cloud IAAS providers like AWS and Azure for short term bridging capabilities only.

Again we are already seeing companies pull back from using IaaS when it comes to hosting specific workloads – the chances of overspend and loss of control are too high in my experience and for a business like ours that is focused on hosting a specific application like SAP Business One where the differentiator is a focus on that application and ensuring that we have the application specific knowledge and skills in house, it makes sense to manage and own our own destiny in every aspect.


Choosing SMB Solutions can benefit your business financially and save your business thousands of dollars a year in server and maintenance costs. Choosing SMB Solutions will give you more flexibility and choice than any other provider in Australia.

Security of a data centre
We are in total control of all our hard-ware and software, location  at Equinix SY4 backed up by our co-location partners – Servers Australia. You also have the benefits of having your SAP Business One solution hosted in a constantly monitored, off site location with power supply, temperature control, manned security and fire protection.

The support when you need it
Your technical staff, if you have them, are already likely to be spread thin with the day to day responsibilities of managing your IT within your workplace. By partnering with us you’ll receive service level agreements that have a focus on customer service, supporting your business 24/7. We offer a 100% Network up-time guarantee, a 30 minute response time for support tickets, a 24/7 emergency NOC phone and we offer world leading SAP Business One expertise for when you or your partner needs advice.

Add extra hosting products to meet your needs
If you want to add extra solutions to your hosting plan we can assist – from external backup plans, to another hosted dedicated server to provide redundancy,
we’ll work with you to figure out what needs to happen.

Choice of location
Our network is one of the largest private networks in Australia spanning (12) locations around the country. The network is made up of Cisco, Extreme Networks and Brocade network equipment. All facilities are inter linked via dark fibre or backhaul, allowing us to run a completely redundant and auto fail over MPLS network between all locations and states in Australia.

Reduction of costs
By hosting your SAP Business One solution with us you eliminate the costs involved with keeping a server maintained, protected and cooled in an office.

What’s the Benefit for you?

If all this sounds too good to be true, put us to the test – we offer a 30 day trial period on our service (longer upon negotiation if required) and its as easy as picking up the phone and calling us on +61 1300 44 20 59.